International Society for Phytocosmetic Science

Publication date: 
February 2, 2018

The International Society for Phytocosmetic Science (ISPS) is a nonprofit, worldwide professional society. Members from twenty-seven countries include representatives from academia, industry, non-governmental organizations and authorities in various international societies. The fundamental responsibility of a scientific society is defined based on the respect to social, ethical and cultural values in all scientific endeavors.

   The Society advocates for the betterment of the quality of plant-based products based on scientifically proven data, dissemination of scientific knowledge produced through multidisciplinary integrated scientific discoveries, and principals of ethical and sustainable practices in research, production, and marketing.

Since its inception, the Society has embraced, assembled and stimulated the exchange of scientific information among scientists in academic institutions and research centers, and experts in formulation, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing.

The is the main website provides information related to the ISPS activities including events, publication, and member services.

Why should you join?

Exclusive benefits offered to a network of students, faculty, experts in various industries, and regulators who also are working to make a difference in science, policy, and industry.  Members at ISPS secure the success of the society by educating peers, publishing their research, offering scholarships for students to attend congresses, and most importantly they all have a chance to enhance the quality of all offered by the society. Quantifiable advantages of becoming an ISPS member are monetary advantages (discounts) in attending events, reaching out to hundreds of experts at membership list, networking and searching for career opportunities, as well as publishing at IJPNI

2018 Initiative

ISPS has been accepting nominations for membership at the Young Scholar Global Committee, that was launched in March 2018. Participants from twenty countries collaborate in scientific discussions, networking, global research linkages, and special YSGC sessions at upcoming events organized by ISPS. IPPC-Argentina during 1-3 November enjoyed the support of members of the committee from Argentina and Brazil.