Membership Form

General contact information is requested to establish your user and email accounts.

  • Start each word with a Capital letter, and use lowercase thereafter. For example, John is in the correct format.
  • Some of the information fields are marked mandatory, using a red “*”, your application will not be processed without those data.
  • All users need to identify their affiliations, that can be your academic or industrial institution, or simply the name of your workplace, for example, “Oriflame” or “University of Athens”.
  • Mobile phone numbers are required.
    • Please provide (+country code), for example, a phone number in Canada is entered +1 614 555 5555, do not add zeros even if it is required for international calls from your location.
    • To contact you, ISPS may use WhatsApp and IMO

Membership Fee is an annual fee that is paid by each individual or companies for group membership. All members will start paying their membership fees starting in May of each year.

  • ISPS will not charge an annual membership fee for calendar years 2017 and 2018 for any individual who has:
    • Attended and paid the registration fee for an event since 2014
    • Published a manuscript at IJPNI after January 2015