December 17, 2017   5:26 pm

Ten young scholars will join IPPC-Argentina during November 2018, and their registration fee is paid by Natura.  These individuals contributed tremendously to operation and content organization of the event in Sao Paulo last month. 

December 17, 2017   5:20 pm

The International Journal of Phytocosmetics and Natural Ingredients (IJPNI.ORG) is now fully responsive and will continue publishing new research and review articles submitted online, and approved by Editors. Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts using any devices, even via an iPhone.  

November 3, 2017   8:25 am

The event is being organized by Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists, Local Chapter (West Zone), Udaipur, Rajasthan and International Phytocosmetic Society, USA in joint collaboration with Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Please submit your abstracts, to start click here

October 2, 2017   10:46 am

  5th International Phytocosmetics and Phytotherapy Congress (Greece – IPPC2017)   Sunil Dutta Purohit*       [PDF]           10.15171/ijpni.2017.Special.      10.15171/ijpni.2017.Special.5

August 19, 2017   10:59 pm

A methodological approach for the development of herbal products: Cuban experiences Professors: Milagros T. García Mesa, PhD (coordinator) 1, Diadelis Remirez Figueredo, PhD2, Humberto Joaquin Morris Quevedo, PhD 3 Duration: 4 h Affiliations: Central Laboratory of Pharmacology, University of Medical Sciences of Havana. E Mail: milagros.mesa@infomed.sld.cu1 National Center for State Quality Control of Drugs, Equipment

August 19, 2017   10:33 pm

FCFRP’s Center for Advanced Research on Cosmetics Technology (NEATEC), which was founded in 1998 headed by Professor P. Campos joins in support of the IPPC-Brazil. The center is among leading research centers in South America, that is located in  Universities of São Paulo (USP).

June 8, 2017   2:32 pm

Abstracts are invited for presentation at the next edition of IPPC.  IPPC-Brazil will be held at the Plantarum of Sao Paulo Brazil ( during 27-29 November 2017.  For more information please visit website of the event (   or

April 9, 2017   2:45 am

Natura and ISPS announce the next international congress in #SaoPaulo on #Cosmetics focusing on the #Natural, #sustainable  #phytocosmetics. 

March 3, 2017   2:55 am

Sponsored by Oriflame

February 27, 2017   2:52 am

Dr. Touwaide and Dr. Emanuela Appetiti will co-chair a special session called “Fragrance of History”. The session will welcome presentations on any aspect of the history of cosmetics, perfumes, medicinal plants and medicines in any geographic location.

February 27, 2017   2:49 am

Dr. Amit Tewari will present latest in Research and Innovation at L’Oreal, France.

February 27, 2017   2:47 am

Scientists and experts from cosmetic industry are among members of organization committees for events in 2017 and 2018 in South America.  Brazilian team is leading efforts till the next November.