IPPC-Argentina 2018 will encourage and secure exchange of scientific information related to plant-based cosmetic products (Phytocosmetics) and use of plant-based ingredients in therapy (Phytotherapy) during various sessions.  Sustainable, ethical, and no-harm approaches are the only acceptable practice ensuring maintaining biodiversity, appropriate and just use of resources in collaboration with local and indigenous communities (more information about this principal).

Experts will offer effective implementation of the Nagoya Protocol.

IPPC-Argentina provides a platform for scientific presentations in oral and poster formats that are original (not been presented in any other event) in the following areas of expertise:

  • phytocosmetic
  • phytotherapy
  • cosmetic chemistry
  • product safety
  • phytochemistry
  • natural products in personal care

Panel discussion relevant to phytocosmetics and phytotherapy focusing on the listed values are welcomed:

  • sustainable and ethical practice
  • transparency and claim substantiation
  • best practices in production and marketing

Summaries and case-studies in Bio-trade, Bioprospecting and Biodiversity are invited. Authors are encouraged to contact the Secretariat as soon as possible by sending an email to argentina2018@phytoessence.org

IPPC-Argentina 2018 is a great place to make new connections with colleagues and the future customers. Contact us via https://phytoessence.org

Mark 01-03 November 2018 in your calendars to be in Buenos Aires. 

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