2019/10/27  -  5:34 pm

Application of design of experiments in the development of cosmetic formulation based on natural ingredients Authors Gabriela Maria D’Angelo Costa1, Georgia de Assis Dias Alves1, Patrícia Maria Berardo Gonçalves Maia Campos1*1 Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil Abstract Development of cosmetic formulations based

2019/05/19  -  1:48 pm

Register Now and Take Advantage of Early Bird Savings.  #IPPCbrazil2019 Congress “Innovation and Sustainability” You can register before the deadline with a special discount. Companies and universities — We are with Exclusive Rates to groups and organizations that purchase registrations in bulk. We hope to have the complete program up soon, so stay tuned for news

2019/04/02  -  3:23 pm

An in silico approach for evaluating the antitumor and epigenetic modulating potential of phenolic compounds occurring in edibleand medicinal mushrooms

2019/02/27  -  12:22 am

IPPC-BRAZIL 2019 27-29th  November Porto de Galinhas City Pernambuco, Brazil Website Young Scholar Committee You are expected to creatively endeavor and leader of the future through the commitment to practicing the KIND principles. Become a member Last Congress – 2018 Visit our website to browse through last year’s congress pictures | IPPC-Argentina | Check Out our Album Good

2019/01/20  -  9:19 pm

Everyone can help to make sure that we meet the Global Goals. Use the targets to create an action for responsible consumption and production. All countries taking action, with developed countries taking the lead, taking into account the development and capabilities of developing countries. For instance, the Target 12A is related to support developing countries

2019/01/17  -  1:00 am

Hello, Will be Excellent to see your submission at the International Journal of Phytocosmetics and Natural Ingredients. Please visit Follow these steps: 1) click on “Submit your paper” icon 2) on the new page, choose “create an account” option Enter your data using forms, and submit 3) Wait for one day (maximum) for your user

2019/01/03  -  6:30 am

Evaluation of the antioxidant efficacy of extracts/ ingredients used in skin care products Authors: Nik Nur Azwanida Zakaria – Human Nutrition Research Centre, Institute of Cellular Medicine (ICM), Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE2 4HH, UK Edward Jonathan Okello – Faculty of Agrobased Industry (FIAT), Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, 17600 Jeli, Kelantan, Malaysia Olusola Clement Idowu – Hexis Lab Limited,

2018/12/29  -  8:04 am

Stay tuned to be introduced to two new members of the Board of Directors at the IPEC-ISPS. They will be welcomed to the Board starting in the first week of January 2019. You are also invited to discover how do Board of Directors move the work of the organization forward. Like this post? Please share

2018/12/26  -  8:31 pm

The Board of Directors at ISPS approved life-long membership category starting in 2019. Dr. Lyle Craker is the first recipient of the Life-long Membership at the Society. Like this post? Please share with your friends. How? Go to the top right-hand corner of this page and choose the way according to your preference. Follow @IPPC_ISPS

2018/12/01  -  8:18 pm

Millennium Development Goals is fully supported by actions and advocacy efforts of the IPEC-ISPS.  Board of directors unanimously approved the approach in December 2018. UNICEF’s Priorities are Essential for Development UNICEF’s work can be grouped into five main strategic areas: Basic Education and Gender Equality HIV/AIDS and Children Child Protection Policy Analysis, Advocacy and Partnerships for Children’s Rights

2018/06/15  -  10:12 pm

Explore here the International Congress of Phytocosmetics and Phytotherapy program, sessions and speaker line up. program ♦ IN BRIEF ♦ Speaker and session content is highly relevant to all sectors of the industry and academy related to “Phyto”; The standard conference format will deliver Panels, Lectures, and Posters and Oral Presentations; Announcements during the first

2018/06/10  -  10:42 am

We are pleased to announce the current issue of the International Society for the History of Medicine (ISHM) Newsletter, of which Emanuela Appetiti is the Editor. The SUMMER 2018 issue of the e-newsletter, “ISHM Newsletter”, brings you up-to-date with the latest news about members and the affiliated societies, the list of recent publications and dissertations, forthcoming conferences, and several calls for papers. You

2018/06/03  -  7:58 am

During the the Seventh International Phytocosmetics and Phytotherapy Congress (IPPC-Ireland), Dr Lyle Craker will lead the Lecture “$30 Billion Medical Marijuana Industry” at IPPC-Ireland.   “Lyle is a long-time professor of plant medicine, and is well known worldwide. I often ask people in foreign countries if they know of him, and often they do. Lyle brought me into U

2018/05/31  -  5:00 am

During the the Seventh International Phytocosmetics and Phytotherapy Congress (IPPC-Ireland) at the Day One: 18-June-2018, the Session “The Marine – Innovative Natural Ingredient and Concepts” will have the presence of four experts as follow: Time Session Presenter Title 11:00 THE MARINE  Innovative Natural Ingredient and Concepts Ronan Murphy (Review Editor – Frontier in Physiology) Marine Mineral Research and

2018/05/30  -  1:43 am

During the the Seventh International Phytocosmetics and Phytotherapy Congress (IPPC-Ireland), Iguatemi Costa (Senior Scientific Manager at Natura), Dr Barbara Olioso, MRSC (Founder at The Green Chemist Consultancy), and Meryem Benohoud (Technical Director at Keracol Limited) will lead Sustainable Practices discussion at IPPC-Ireland.   Check out the full program on the congress website. Dublin, Ireland – 18-20 June, 2018.    program Non-Member?  Join ISPS (International Society

2018/05/30  -  1:28 am

During the the Seventh International Phytocosmetics and Phytotherapy Congress (IPPC-Ireland), Dr Andrea Mitarotonda PhD FRSC (Chief Research & Innovation of Neal’s Yard Remedies, Dr Barbara Olioso, MRSC (Founder at The Green Chemist Consultancy), and Mauro Bleve (R&D Technology & Product Development Manager – Body Care at Laboratorios Maverick) will lead the Panel Conversation about Challenges & Paradoxes of Natural Formulation at the

2018/05/30  -  12:42 am

The third day of the event at the NATIONAL BOTANIC GARDENS of Ireland. 7th International Phytocosmetics and Phytotherapy Congress (IPPC-Ireland 2018). A premier scientific institution, the gardens also contain the National Herbarium and several historic wrought iron glasshouses. IPPC-Ireland 2018 participants are invited to visit the Gardens and will be accompanied by the local scientists. More information

2018/05/18  -  5:00 am

May 18th is Plant Conservation Day! We hope you will join us in this global celebration, dedicated to preserving, protecting, and conserving plants for people and the planet.

2018/05/15  -  9:17 pm

Greetings, There is still time to register and present. Sign up for an account at After confirmation of the account, proceed to Login: Submit abstract for review/recording purpose. Complete your registration at the Registration portal: Thank you!

2018/05/05  -  1:31 pm

You are invited to send your abstract to the 7th International Phytocosmetics and Phytotherapy Congress. Abstracts of IPPC-Ireland 2018 should follow formatting guidelines & authors need to create a user account, click here to start, or copy the URL: to your browser’s window. Remember that Abstracts shall be related to these areas: Phytochemistry Pharmacology Pharmacy Phytocosmetic Pharmacognosy Cosmetic chemistry Toxicology Natural Product: Natural