Dr. Yann-Olivier Hay has a Ph.D. of Science of matter (Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, France) focused on natural preservatives for 100% Natural health and well-being products. He’s although biochemist (MSc), Engineer of agro-forestry-pastoral management in tropical area and an Applied Ethnopharmacology specialization.


Learn about essential oils for safe medical use.


The objective of this conference is to share fundamental knowledge about essential oil as a medical matter that must be carefully considered exhaustively for its prophylactic or therapeutic use. After a brief review of the biosynthesis and functions of the essential oil in the plant, the notion of chemotype and molecular identity will be presented as well as its consequences in the framework of clinical applications of the essential oil.


1. Definitions
2. History
3. Biosynthesis and Essential Oil functions in plants
4. The aromatic ternary
6. Chemotypes and molecular identity
6.1. The essential oil: a complex medicinal molecular mix
6.2. Physical properties of Essential oils
7. Therapeutic applications of Essential oils

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